Drawing lines

You can draw many kinds of lines, from curved or straight lines to preset lines. You can create segments that are straight and curved in the same line. You can draw straight or curved segments and then add one node at a time. You can also draw curved segments by specifying width and height.

You can draw B-splines, which are typically smooth, continuous, curved lines shaped by control points. Control points let you draw smooth curves easily. B-splines touch the first and last control points and are pulled by the points in between. However, unlike the nodes on Bezier curves, control points don't let you specify the points through which a curve passes when you want to align a curve with other drawing elements.

The control points that touch the line are called clamped control points. These points function as anchors. The points that pull the line but do not touch it are called floating control points. The first and last control points are always clamped on open-ended B-splines. The points in between float by default, but you can clamp points if you want to create cusps or straight lines within the B-spline. You can edit completed B-splines by using the control points.

Spline Curve Point
The path of a B-spline curve is determined by the control points you set.

Some lines have nodes and control points that you can manipulate to shape lines as you draw. For information about node types, see "Working with curve objects" on page 119.

Corel DESIGNER provides preset lines that let you create thick strokes in a variety of shapes. After you draw a preset line, you can apply a fill to it as you would to any other object. For information about applying fills, see "Filling objects" on page 157.

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