Gravity snapping

Gravity snapping is the attraction of the pointer to a snap point. Snap points are precise mathematical drawing coordinates. When the pointer is close to a snap point, the snap point's gravity source is highlighted, indicating it as the target that the pointer will snap to.

Each snap point's gravity field has a radius of 10 pixels by default. When your pointer enters a gravity field, a gravity source indicator displays around the point and the name of the gravity source displays on the screen. Gravity snapping can be turned on or off.

Gravity keys let you specify that a single type of gravity snap is active. By default, gravity keys are the first letters of gravity candidates. When you hold down a gravity key, all other gravity snaps are inactive. For example, if you hold down the M key, only the Midpoint gravity snap is active. You can change the gravity shortcut keys.

If the pointer is within the gravity fields of two or more gravity candidates, the one closest to the pointer has priority. If two are the same distance from the pointer, the snap will be to the gravity candidate with the higher priority as listed below.

Gravity candidate Description

Gravity source indicator

Gravity key


Node object


Geometric intersection of line segments, arcs, or guidelines


Line segment midpoint


Snap points that are at 0°, 90°, 130°, and 270° on a circle, ellipse, or arc


Point on the outside edge of an arc, circle, or ellipse where a line will touch but not intersect the object a


Point on the outside edge of a segment where a line will be perpendicular to the object


Location that touches the nearest perpendicular edge (shortest perpendicular distance from the pointer to the edge)

Gravity candidate


Gravity source indicator

Gravity key


Center of the closest object (arc, regular polygon, or curve centroid)



Grid point, whether or not the grid is visible



Text baseline

Point in the baseline of artistic or paragraph text



Pointer location; temporarily suspends all gravity snaps



You can make gravity candidates active or inactive and set other options to customize snapping.

Corel DESIGNER lets you control how gravity snapping works.

^ You can snap to a guideline by snapping to its edge or the intersection of two guidelines. To turn off snapping to guidelines, disable the Edge gravity mode.

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