Managing object data

After creating all the data fields you want for a drawing, you can create a database from a template. The database stores all the data you apply to the objects in your drawing. You can choose from three different templates; because each template saves to an external, tagged XML file, you can store the data for different workflows simultaneously.

The Object Data Manager provides all the commands and features you need to add, edit, and delete object data — even behaviors that were applied using the Internet toolbar.

You can use one object's data entries to update another object's data entries. This function does not replace an object's data entries; rather, it appends fields and data where appropriate.

Corel DESIGNER also provides common ActiveCGM and WebCGM fields. When you import or export CGM files, the object data is maintained. For more information on importing and exporting CGM files, see "Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)" in the Help.

Object data is also maintained when you import or export SVG files. For more information on importing and exporting SVG files, see "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)" in the Help.

To choose a database template

1 Click Window > Object Data Manager.

2 From the list box, choose one of the following templates:

• You can also view all existing database entries by choosing All from the list box.

To add or edit data for an object

1 Select the object using the Pick tool tj.

2 Click Window > Object Data Manager.

3 Select a data field.

A check mark indicates whether that field is applied to the selected object. An icon indicates the field type:

4 Type text in the Value column for the field, and press Enter.

5 Type text in the Constraint column for the field, and press Enter.

6 Repeat steps 3 to 5 to add data to other fields.

You can also

Display or hide behaviors Display or hide data Display active fields only

Copy data from another object to the selected object

Click the Show/hide behaviors button Click the Show/hide data button % . Click the Show active fields only button

Click the Copy data from button , and click the object from which you want to copy data.

Clear all fields

Click the Clear all fields button fi.

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