To add text to a callout

1 Click the Callout tools button, and click the Text source tool |_.

2 Enable one of the following options:

• [ Interactive — lets you type the text at the end of the callout line

• Uj Clipboard — pastes text from the Clipboard to the callout

• [? Object property — adds an object property that you choose, such as the object name, to the callout

• 1+ Increment — adds a numeric value to the callout. The value is incremented as you continue to add callouts, and you can specify the Start value and amount to Increment by for each addition. The increment values you set apply only to the active drawing.

If properties are associated with an object, you can show them in callouts.

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  • santa
    How to put text in a corel call out?
    8 years ago

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