To erase portions of an object

1 Select an object.

2 Click the Delete tools button, and click the Eraser tool #.

3 Drag over the object.

Change the size of the eraser nib

Type a value in the Eraser thickness box on the property bar, and press Enter.

Change the shape of the eraser nib

Click the Circle/square button O on the property bar.

Maintain all the nodes of the area being erased

Disable the Auto-reduce on erase button iip on the property bar.

When you erase portions of objects, any affected paths are automatically

You can erase in straight lines by clicking where you want to start erasing, and then clicking where you want to finish erasing. Press Ctrl if you want to constrain the line's angle.

You can also erase an area of a selected object by double-clicking the area with the Eraser tool.

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