To move an object

1 Select an object.

2 Click Arrange > Transformations > Move.

3 Use one of the following methods:

• Horizontal and vertical — type the horizontal and vertical values to move the

• Length and angle — type the distance and angle to move the object

• User-specified distance — click the User-specified distance button J, and drag the pointer in the drawing window to specify the distance and angle to move the object

• Gap and direction — enable the option for these boxes, type a value for the gap, and choose the direction to move the object. This moves the object the distance equal to its height or width plus the specified gap.

If you want to leave the original object unchanged and apply the transformation to copies that are created, type a number in the Copies box.


You can also move a selected object by dragging it to another position in the drawing.

You can set a precise location for the object by clicking the Geometric properties button S3 in the property bar and typing values in the Property manager docker.

You can use snapping to precisely specify an object's position. See "Working with precision" on page 45 for information.

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