To place an object at the intersection of dynamic guides

1 With dynamic guides enabled, select an object.

If you want to move the object by a specific snap point, move the pointer over the snap point you want until the snap point becomes highlighted.

2 Drag the object to an eligible snap point of another object, and drag to display a dynamic guide. Don't release the mouse button.

3 Drag the object to another eligible snap point, and when the snap point becomes highlighted, drag to display another dynamic guide to where the two dynamic guides would intersect.

4 When the intersection point displays, release the mouse button.

Below is an example of using intersecting dynamic guidelines to position a washer in relation to two objects — another washer and a bolt.

First, the washer was dragged by its center snap point (left) to the other washer's edge, and then to the right to display a dynamic guide (right).

Next, the washer was dragged to the edge of the bolt, and then down to display another dynamic guide (left). The washer was positioned at the intersecting point of the dynamic guides (right).

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