Undoing redoing and repeating actions

You can undo the actions you perform in a drawing, starting with the most recent action. If you don't like the result of undoing an action, you can redo it. Reverting to the last saved version of a drawing also lets you remove one or more actions. Certain actions applied to objects, such as stretching, filling, moving and rotating, can be repeated to create a stronger visual effect.

Customizing the undo settings lets you increase or decrease the number of actions that you can undo or redo.

The Undo manager docker

The Undo manager docker

To undo, redo, and repeat actions


Do the following

Undo an action

Click Edit > Undo.

Redo an action

Click Edit > Redo.

Undo or redo a series of actions

Click Window > Undo manager. Choose

the action that precedes all the actions you

want to undo, or choose the last action you

want to redo.

Revert to the last saved version of a drawing

Click File > Revert.

Repeat an action

Click Edit > Repeat.

When you undo a series of actions, all actions listed below the action you choose are undone.

When you redo a series of actions, the action you choose and all actions listed between it and the last undone action are redone.

You can repeat an action on another object or group of objects by selecting the object or objects and clicking Edit > Repeat.

You can also undo or redo actions by clicking the Undo button or Redo button ¿a on the Standard toolbar.

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