Using dynamic guides

You can display dynamic guides to help you move, align, and draw objects in precise relation to other objects. Dynamic guides are temporary guidelines that you can pull from the following snap points in objects — center, node, quadrant, and text baseline end nodes. For more information about snap points and snapping modes, see "Gravity snapping" on page 45. You can also display dynamic guides that are tangent, perpendicular, or parallel to objects, as well as dynamic guides that are extensions of line segments.

The 2-point rectangle tool was used to pull dynamic guides from the following snap points (marked by green squares): center (left), quadrant (middle), and tangent (right).

Examples of a perpendicular dynamic guide (left) and a parallel dynamic guide (right)

As you drag an object along a dynamic guide, you can view the object's distance from the snap point that was used to create the dynamic guide; this allows you to place the object precisely. Dynamic guides can also help you draw objects in relation to other objects and draw parallel lines. In addition, you can display intersecting dynamic guides and place the object at the intersection point.

A dynamic guide was pulledfrom a node in the bolt on the left. The screen tip beside the node displays the angle of the dynamic guide(Q°)and the distance between the node and the pointer (1.5"). The bolt on the right was dragged along the dynamic guide and positioned precisely 1.5 inches away from the node used to generate the dynamic guide.

Dynamic guides contain invisible divisions called ticks to which your pointer gravitates. Ticks let you move objects with precision along a dynamic guide. You can adjust tick spacing to suit your needs, and you can disable snapping to ticks. Ydu can set other options for dynamic guides. For example, you can choose to display dynamic guides at one or more preset angles, or at custom angles you specify. A preview of the angle settings you choose is available. When you no longer need a dynamic guide at a certain angle, you can delete the angle settings.

An example of a dynamic guide that is an extension of a line segment

You can turn off dynamic guides at any time.

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