Working with templates

A template is a set of styles and page layout settings that govern the layout and appearance of a drawing. You can use the default template ("Blank Generic Corel DESIGNER Document") or choose one from a wide variety of preset templates available in the application. For information on starting a drawing from a template, see "Starting and opening drawings" on page 27. If none of the preset templates meets your requirements, you can create a template based on styles you create or styles taken from other templates. For example, if you regularly put together a schematic diagram, you can save the schematic's page layout settings and styles to a template.

You can edit a template by making changes to the styles, page layout settings, or objects. For example, if you like a template but want to make it more versatile, you can add styles that you've created or that you've taken from another template. For information on setting page layout options, see "Specifying the page layout" on page 231.

After you have started a drawing with a template, you can load a different template. When you load a template, you can choose to load just the styles or to load styles, page layout settings, and objects.

When you create a new drawing using a template, the program formats the page using the template's page layout settings and loads the template's styles in the new file.

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