Working with views

As you work, Corel DESIGNER lets you display a drawing in any of the following modes:

• Simple wireframe — displays an outline of the drawing by hiding fills, extrusions, contours, drop shadows, and intermediate blend shapes; also displays the bitmaps in monochrome. It lets you quickly preview basic elements in a drawing.

• Draft — displays a drawing's fills and bitmaps using a low resolution; eliminates some detail to allow you to focus on the color balances in a drawing.

• Enhanced — displays a drawing with PostScript fills, high-resolution bitmaps, and anti-aliased vector graphics.

From left to right: Simple wireframe, Draft, and Enhanced views

The view you choose affects the amount of time it takes for a drawing to refresh or open. For example, a drawing displayed in Simple wireframe view takes less time to refresh or open than does a drawing displayed in Enhanced view.

You can save a view of any part of a drawing so that you can return to that view later.

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