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Painter X introduces changeable opacity for tracing paper. Just hold down the tracing paper icon to choose thicker or thinner paper. This is a handy feature for accommodating different stages in your drawing or different kinds of source images.

So, you just need to pick a brush variant and a color, and you're ready to trace. I chose a rich brown, sampled from the shadow side of the pear source image. You don't have to actually switch to the Eyedropper tool to pick a color from an open image—just hold down the Opt/Alt key and your brush cursor becomes an eyedropper. After you click on the color you want, release the modifier key and it's a Brush tool again.

Use a Crayon, Pencil, or Colored Pencil variant for lines that show paper grain. My simple sketch in Figure 2.4 was done with Sharp Colored Pencil 7. I started with the stem, using heavy pressure and several strokes to add thickness. It took three curved strokes to draw the right side of the fruit, and then I overlapped a couple of strokes to emphasize weight at the bottom of the shape. A hint of the pear's "cleavage" was made with very light pressure. Don't forget to turn off Tracing Paper to see your drawing!

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