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Keep practicing your tonal drawing and crosshatch techniques, with or without the aid of Clone Color. There are source photos on the CD that came with this book to serve as subjects for drawing and painting at every skill level. I also encourage you to go to the market and buy some nice fresh produce to work with. Make your own photos, but even better, set your hand-picked fruit or vegetable on a surface next to your computer and draw it live! Aim a spotlight on one side to get dramatic highlights and shadows. Figure 2.19 shows a basic setup.

After every lesson or practice session, choose your best couple of drawings, or a series showing three or four stages in its development, and print them. That way you'll have tangible evidence of your work to hang on the walls. Over time, you'll be able to observe how your skills improve. Examining a print of your drawing is also a good way to evaluate it for possible changes.

Most desktop inkjet printers can create very high-quality output. To enhance the fine art nature of your image, use special paper or other media designed for your printer. High-gloss heavy-weight photo paper might be ideal for some projects, and canvas or watercolor paper might be better for others. I printed my pencil clone pepper series on glossy photo paper for crisp lines and intense color. The chalk cloned peppers (from Figure 2.17) are softer and more painterly, so I printed that series on a Canvas sheet. See the Appendix for resources.

Drawing or Painting?

What's the difference? Sometimes not much, and we may use these terms interchangeably. In general, drawings are made with dry media, paintings with wet. Or, if you render your subject mostly with lines, it's a drawing. But when tones and colors blend into each other without distinct edges, it's a painting. So when you smeared the chalk lines on your pepper clone with a Blender variant, did your drawing change into a painting? I'll let you decide. A traditional term for artwork composed with a variety of wet and dry materials, possibly incorporating photos or collage elements pasted on, is mixed media. We'll be doing a lot of that.

Technically, everything you make in Painter is painting because it's done with pixels. Digital "drawing" requires a vector-based program like Illustrator. I'm glad I could clear that up.

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