Adding and removing drop caps

You can create an eye-catching chapter or paragraph by adding a drop cap. You can also remove the drop cap without deleting it.

Adding drop caps.

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To add a drop cap

1 Select the Paragraph text frame or paragraphs.

2 Click Text, Format Text.

3 Click the Effects tab.

4 Choose Drop Cap from the Effect Type list box.

5 Click one of the following:

• Dropped — wraps text around the dropped letter

• Hanging Indent — offsets the initial letter away from the body of text

To remove a drop cap

1 Follow steps 1 to 3 from the previous procedure.

2 Choose None from the Effect Type list box.

• You can draw more attention to a drop cap, change the font or color or by adding a border. For more information, see "Filling and outlining objects" on page 211.

J^s • You can also add a drop cap by clicking the Show/Hide Drop Cap button on the Property Bar.

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