Adding converting and selecting text

In CorelDRAW, you create both Paragraph text and Artistic text with the Text tool. Clicking in the Drawing Window and typing, creates Artistic text. Adding a Paragraph text frame first and typing text in the frame, creates

Paragraph text. You can think of Paragraph text frames as containers that hold text.

Adding Paragraph text to a Paragraph text frame.

Adding Paragraph text to a Paragraph text frame.

How Create Frame With Text

There are two types of Paragraph text frames: fixed-sized and automatically sized. When you add a frame of a fixed size, the size of the frame you draw doesn't change. If you type more text than the frame can hold, the frame size doesn't change, and the text is cut off. If you choose to add a frame that sizes automatically, the frame size adjusts vertically according to the amount of text you type.

After you create a text object you can convert the text type. For example, you can convert Artistic text to Paragraph text and vice versa.

When you're working with Artistic text, you can modify the shape of characters. Before you do this, you must convert the text to curves. By converting, you can transform characters to single line and curve objects. Then you can use the Shape tool to add, delete, or move the nodes comprising a character to alter its shape.

Before performing any operation to text, you need to select the text. The tool you use to select a character, line, or paragraph varies with the operation.

When you select a text object, eight selection handles and an X appears in the center of the object. By clicking the center X, you can transform, apply special effects, and make global formatting changes to whole text objects. For information about transforming text, see "Transforming objects" on page 261. For information about what special effects you can apply to text, see "Creating special effects" on page 431.

• You can add Asian characters when you're running one of the following versions of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation 4: Korean, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, or Japanese. When you're running CorelDRAW on the Arabic, Hebrew, or English BiDi enabled version of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4, you can add bidirectional text. For more information, see the Reference section of the online Help.

• You can also add text using the Clipboard. When you use the Special Paste command, you can insert text as Paragraph text, as Artistic text, or as an OLE object, provided the originating application is OLE compliant and it is open. For information about importing, see "Importing, exporting, and OLE" on page 743.

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