Adding graphics symbols and special characters

Enhance text by adding special characters and symbols, or embedding graphics.

You can add special characters and symbols to text as a text object or as a graphic object. When you add symbols and special characters to text, CorelDRAW treats them as text. When you add them as graphic objects, CorelDRAW treats special characters and symbols as curves. Consequently, the symbol is a separate graphic object, that you can edit as you would other graphic objects or use to create background patterns for a document.

When you tile symbols, each symbol within the pattern is a separate object to which you can apply effects. You can change the spacing between the rows and columns in which the symbols are arranged.

Additionally, you can change objects, such as company logos or modified letter shapes, into symbol characters and add them to the symbol sets in the Symbols And Special Characters Docker window. The object you use can be any size. CorelDRAW resizes it to match the proportions of other symbols in the set. Symbols you create appear at the end of the pattern list.

When you embed a graphic object or bitmap into Artistic text and Paragraph text, it's treated as a text character. As a result, you can apply formatting options according to the type of text into which you embed the graphic object.

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