Adding Paragraph text

You can add Paragraph text to a drawing by adding a frame. You can add a Paragraph text frame that maintains its size or one that adjusts vertically as you type.

Adding Paragraph text to frames that size automatically.

Adding Paragraph text to frames that size automatically.

Paragraph Text

To add Paragraph text in fixed-sized frames

1 Click the Text tool.

2 Click anywhere in the Drawing Window and drag away (in any direction) from this point to size the Paragraph text frame.

The frame is created when you release the mouse button. The text cursor appears at the top left corner of the frame if your default alignment is set to Left or None.

3 Type in the Paragraph text frame.

• You can automatically adjust the size of text to fill the frame. For more information, see "Fitting text to a Paragraph text frame" on page 380.

To add Paragraph text in automatically-sized frames

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the list of categories, double-click Text, and click Paragraph.

3 Enable the Expand And Shrink Paragraph Text Frames To Fit Text check box.

4 Click OK.

5 Follow all of the steps from the previous procedure.

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