Adding symbols and special characters to a document

You can add a symbol as a text object or as a graphic object.

You can add symbols as text or as a

You can add symbols as text or as a

To add a symbol or a special character as a text object

1 Select the text (Artistic text or Paragraph text frame) with the Text tool.

2 Place the insertion point where you want to add the symbol.

3 Click Window, Dockers, Symbols And Special Characters.

4 Choose a symbol category from the list box.

5 Double-click a symbol in the Sample window.

n" • You can type a value in the Size box to change the symbol height.

To add a symbol and special characters as a graphic object

1 Follow steps 3 to 5 from the previous procedure.

2 Click a symbol in the Sample window, and drag it to the Drawing Page.

• You can make more symbol fonts available by adding them during a custom installation of CorelDRAW

• You can change the default outline and fill properties of symbols and special characters that you add as graphic objects. For more information about styles, see "Working with styles" on page 144.

f^ • You can also choose a symbol by typing its index number in the Number (#) box. The CorelDRAW Libraries Catalog list index numbers.

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