Aligning and distributing objects

The ability to align objects precisely can be an important requirement for virtually any type of drawing. CorelDRAW provides controls that allow for the exact alignment of any series of objects.

You can use the Align feature to line objects up horizontally or vertically.

You can specify whether you want objects to line up horizontally or vertically (or both), using their edges or center points. When you've indicated how you want to align the objects, you indicate where you want to line them up: the edge of the page or the center of the page. For maximum precision, you can also choose to align the objects to the grid line nearest to the alignment point you selected.

To line up objects, CorelDRAW uses the imaginary boxes — selection boxes — that surround selected objects. When you select an object using the Pick tool, its frame and handles become visible, allowing you to manipulate the object.

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By distributing objects, you can give your drawing a polished, professional look. You can arrange objects so that their center points or specific edges (for example, top or right) are separated at equal intervals. You can also distribute objects so that they sit an equal distance apart. Once you've indicated how you want to distribute the objects, you can choose the area over which you want to distribute them. In each case, you can choose to distribute the objects to the extent of the length or width of the selection box that surrounds them, or to the length or width of the Drawing Page.

Snapping objects forces them to line up with the grid, guideline, or other objects in your drawing, depending on what you specify. For information on aligning objects using snapping, see "Using the rulers, grid, and guidelines" on page 54.

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