Applying Ambient light to bitmap extrusions

You can apply Ambient light to a bitmap extrusion. Ambient light is the equivalent of environmental light.

To apply Ambient light to a bitmap extrusion

Select the bitmap extrusion with the Pick tool. Click the Ambient button on the Property Bar. Enable the On check box. Click a color, and click OK.

Move the Brightness slider left or right to decrease or increase the intensity of the light.

• For deeper shadows and high contrast with lit areas, use a lower Ambient light value. As you increase the brightness of Ambient light, the intensity of shadows and other effects generated by other light setting decreases. This flattens the image. To rely exclusively on the other light setting, set Ambient light to zero. For example, to create the dramatic effect of a spot light on a theater stage, you would use no Ambient light.

• You can also type a value in the Brightness box.

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