Applying Art Strokes effects

CorelDRAW provides 14 Art Strokes effects that give images an organic, hand-painted look. You can use these effects to turn your images into pastel drawings, sponge paintings, watercolors, or to create textured backgrounds for your artwork. The Art Strokes effects are:

• Charcoal — converts an image to a charcoal drawing

• Conté Crayon — textures an image using a conté crayon

• Crayon — scatters pixels in an image to produce the effect of a waxed crayon drawing

• Cubist — groups similar colored pixels into squares to produce an image that resembles a Cubist painting

• Impressionist — converts pixels to dabs of paint

• Palette Knife — redistributes pixels to create the impression of a knife spreading paint on a canvas

• Pastels — turns an image to a pastel drawing

• Pen and Ink — transforms an image into a pen and ink drawing

• Pointillist — analyzes the main colors in the image and converts them to small dots

• Scraperboard — scatters and layers pixels in long strands to create the impression of an image scratched in paint

• Sketch Pad — makes an image look like a pencil sketch

• Watercolor — turns an image into a watercolor painting

• Water Marker — reconstructs an image as an abstract color marker sketch

• Wave Paper — makes an image look like a painting on textured wave paper

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