Applying basic vector extrusions

You can apply a vector extrusion to an object to give it the illusion of depth.

Creating basic vector extrusions.

To apply a basic vector extrusion

1 Open the Interactive Tools flyout, and click the Interactive Extrude tool.

2 Select the object you want to extrude.

A small arrow appears below the cursor to indicate that you can extrude the object.

3 Click the Vector Extrusion Mode button on the Property Bar.

4 Drag the vanishing point marker (represented by "X") to set the depth and direction of the extrusion.

The vanishing point marker appears after you begin to drag.

5 Choose an extrusion type from the Extrusion Type list box on the Property Bar.

6 Choose a vanishing point option from the Depth box on the Property Bar.

By pressing ESC when you're dragging the Interactive Extrude tool, you return the object to its state prior to dragging.

• You can place the vanishing point at a precise coordinate by typing values in the X and Y boxes on the Property Bar.

• If you're creating a perspective extrusion, you can also set the depth by typing a value in the Depth box on the Property Bar or by dragging the slider in the Drawing Window.

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