Applying Blur effects

CorelDRAW provides nine Blur effects. These effects let you alter the pixels in bitmaps to soften, smooth, blend, or create motion effects. The Blur effects are:

• Directional Smooth — smoothes the regions of gradual change in an image while preserving the edge detail and texture

• Gaussion Blur — produces a hazy effect, blurring an image according to a gaussian distribution

• Jaggy Despeckle — scatters colors in an image, creating a soft, blurred effect with minimal distortion

• Low Pass — removes sharp edges and detail from an image, leaving smooth gradients and low-frequency areas

• Motion Blur — creates the illusion of movement in an image

• Radial Blur — creates a blurring effect that radiates outward from a central point in an image

• Smooth, — tones down differences between adjacent pixels, resulting in only a slight loss of detail

• Soften — smoothes and tones down the harsh edges in images without losing important image detail

• Zoom — blurs pixels outward from a center point in an image

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  • ilmari
    How to do blur effect in corel draw?
    9 years ago
  • ERNO
    How to create a smooth blend corel draw?
    9 years ago

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