Applying Creative effects

CorelDRAW provides 14 Creative effects. These effects transform images into a variety of shapes and textures. You can use marbles, candy, crystals, fabric, glass, game pieces, frames, whirlpools, or raindrops. The Creative effects are:

• Crafts — uses the shapes of traditional craft items such as puzzles, gears, marbles, candy, ceramic tiles, and poker chips as the framework for effects

• Crystallize — transforms an image into crystal fragments

• Fabric — transforms an image using different textiles

• Frame — frames an image using a preset frame or another image

• Glass Block — makes an image look like it is viewed through thick, glass blocks

• Kid's Play — transforms an image into fun shapes such as lite pegs and building blocks, or uses primary art methods such as finger paint and paint-by-numbers

• Mosaic — breaks an image into unequal, elliptical pieces to create the appearance of a mosaic painting

• Particles — adds bubble and star particles to an image

• Scatter — distorts an image by scattering pixels

• Smoked Glass — applies a transparent, colored tint to an image

• Stained Glass — transforms an image into fragments and creates edges between the glass pieces

• Vortex — produces a whirlpool around the center point of an image

• Weather — applies atmospheric conditions such as snow or rain to an image

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