Applying Distort effects

CorelDRAW provides ten Distort effects that transform the appearance of an image without adding depth. The Distort effects are:

• Blocks — breaks an image into puzzle-like pieces or blocks that resemble a jigsaw puzzle

• Displace — alters an image using a displacement map

• Offset — shifts an image according to specific values

• Pixelate — adds a block-like appearance to an image

• Swirl — rotates an image in a swirling pattern

• Tile — reduces the dimensions of an image and reproduces it as a series of tiles on a grid

• Wet Paint — gives an image a freshly painted look

• Whirlpool — applies a fluid, swirling pattern across an image

• Wind — blurs an image in a specific direction, creating the effect of wind blowing across an image

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  • almaz
    How to distort a pattern in corel?
    9 years ago
  • Amelia Shaw
    How to distort image corel draw?
    9 years ago

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