Applying rendering and removing bitmap extrusions

You can apply a bitmap extrusion to an object and render it. If you don't like the effect you created, you can remove the bitmap extrusion.

Applying a bitmap extrusion to text.

Applying a bitmap extrusion to text.

To apply a bitmap extrusion

1 Open the Interactive Tools fly out, and click the Interactive Extrude tool.

2 Select the object.

$ 3 Click the Bitmap Extrusion Mode button on the Property Bar.

To render a bitmap extrusion

• Click outside the bounding box of the bitmap extrusion.

• You can change the resolution of a bitmap extrusion. For more information, see "Changing the rendering resolution of drop shadows" on page 495.

To remove a bitmap extrusion

1 Select the rendered bitmap extrusion with the Pick tool.

2 Click Edit, Undo Bitmap Extrude Command.

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