Applying the Cont Crayon effect to a bitmap

The Conté Crayon effect textures an image using a conté crayon.

2 Click Bitmaps, Art Strokes, Conté Crayon.

3 Enable one of the following Conté Colors buttons:

• Black — creates a black conté crayon drawing

• White — creates a white conté crayon drawing

• Sanguine — creates a sanguine conté crayon drawing

• Sepia — creates a sepia conté crayon drawing

• Bistré — creates a bistré conté crayon drawing

4 Click the color picker, and choose a paper color.

5 Move the Pressure slider to set the brush pressure.

6 Move the Texture slider to set the amount of granularity.

• The Conté Crayon effect supports all color modes except 48-bit RGB,

16-bit Grayscale, Paletted, and Black-and-White. • You can apply the Conté Color buttons cumulatively.

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