Applying the Motion Blur effect to a bitmap

The Motion Blur effect creates the illusion of movement in an image.

Corel Draw Effects

To apply the Motion Blur effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Blur, Motion Blur.

3 Move the Distance slider to set the intensity of the blur effect.

4 Choose an angle by clicking on a point along the edge of the Direction dial.

5 In the Off-Imaging Sampling section, enable one of the following buttons:

• Ignore Pixels Outside Image — ignores pixels that fall outside the image

• Use Paper Color — starts the blurring with the paper color

• Sample Nearest Edge Pixel — starts the blurring with the colors at the edge of the image

• The Motion Blur effect supports all color modes except Paletted and Black-and-White.

• You can also indicate the direction and angle of movement by typing values in the Direction box.

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