Applying the Remove Noise effect to a bitmap

The Remove Noise effect softens the bitmap's appearance and reduces the speckled effect that can occur during the scanning or video capturing process. The Remove Noise effect compares each pixel to surrounding pixels and calculates an average. This effect removes each pixel with a brightness value that exceeds the average, based on the threshold you set.

To apply the Remove Noise effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Noise, Remove Noise

3 Do one of the following:

Enable the Auto check box — automatically calculates the noise reduction level required to improve bitmap quality

Disable the Auto check box — sets the threshold manually. Move the Threshold slider to determine the level (the pixel value) at which to remove noise. Higher values cause less noise removal; lower values cause greater noise removal.

• The Remove Noise effect supports all color modes except Paletted and Black-and-White.

• You can also set the threshold by typing a value in the Threshold box.

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