Applying the Ripple effect to a bitmap

The Ripple effect distorts an image by adding a wave. The strength of the first wave sets the warping of the image, while adding an additional perpendicular wave increases the distortion.

To apply the Ripple effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Distort, Ripple.

3 In the Primary Wave section, move the following sliders:

4 If you want to create a perpendicular wave, enable the Perpendicular Wave check box.

5 Move the Perpendicular Wave Amplitude slider to set the intensity of the perpendicular wave.

6 If you want to create waves with jagged edges, enable the Distort Ripple check box.

7 Click the Angle Dial to set the angle of the wave.

• The Ripple effect supports all color modes except 48-bit RGB, 16-bit Grayscale, and Black-and-White.

• You can also specify the span, height, intensity, and angle by typing values in the Period, Amplitude, Perpendicular Wave Amplitude, and Angle boxes.

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