Arranging objects

The various editing functions in CorelDRAW let you arrange your drawing any way you want.

CorelDRAW also offers advanced features such as cloning and duplicating.

Cloning copies selected objects directly on screen, creating a connection between the original object (the "master") and the new object (the "clone"). This connection means that any changes made to the master object are also applied to the clone. For example, if you change the master's fill, the clone's fill also changes.

Duplicating places a copy of the initial object directly on screen, offsetting it slightly from the original object. The duplicate takes on all of the original object's attributes, but has no lasting connection to the original object.

CorelDRAW lets you change the offset for duplicated and cloned objects to suit your needs.

You can also delete objects. When you delete an object instead of cutting it, CorelDRAW does not place it on the Clipboard. Delete an object (rather than cutting it) only when you are sure you will not use it again.

You can copy or cut an object and place it on the Clipboard. Then you can paste it from the Clipboard back onto the Drawing Window.

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