Backing up your work

It's important to safeguard your work against power failures or system problems that can corrupt and destroy your files. CorelDRAW provides automatic saves and backup features that protect your files in case you forget to save them manually.

You can set values to specify automatic save intervals. CorelDRAW saves your file according to the time intervals that you set. This file is named BACKUP_OF_FILENAME, where Filename is the name of your file.

Another way to safeguard your work is to instruct CorelDRAW to automatically create a backup copy of your image every time you save. This file is named AUTOBACKUP_OF_FILENAME, and is saved in the same folder as your CorelDRAW file.

When a non-CorelDRAW file is opened, it opens in the CorelDRAW file format. This version of the file is then backed up.

To safeguard your work against accidents and system problems, save your images automatically as you work.

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