Before calling Corel Technical Support

Before calling Corel Technical Support, please have the following information available. This information assists the Technical Support representative to help you more quickly and efficiently:

• A brief description of the problem, including the exact text of any error messages received, and the steps to recreate the problem.

• The type of computer, monitor, pointing device (e.g., mouse, tablet), printer, and video card (display adapter) in use.

• The version of Microsoft Windows and the Corel product in use. Choose the About Windows 95 command from the Help menu in Windows Explorer to find which version of Windows you are running.

• A list of any programs loaded into RAM (e.g., Terminate and Stay Resident programs). Check the Startup folder in the Programs menu to determine if you are running any other programs.

• For more information on getting Technical Support, to go the Technical Support Help found under the Help menu.

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