Browsing FTP sites using the Scrapbook

Using the Scrapbook, you can connect, either anonymously or by supplying a user name and password, to any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. After you connect to a site, you can browse its contents for files to include in your document. When you find a file you want to use, you can import it into your document or download a copy to your local drive. You can't upload files from your document to the FTP Sites page.

Initially, you connect to an FTP site by typing its address. After you connect to a site, you can create a shortcut to the site so that you don't have to retype its address each time you visit. Creating shortcuts is the easiest way to access the sites you use most often. However, if you choose not to create a shortcut, you can connect to a site by retyping its address. CorelDRAW also maintains a history of the last eight sites to which you've connected.

A shortcut to Corel's FTP site ( is saved as your first favorite on the Scrapbook's FTP Sites page.

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