Changing text case

You can change text case without retyping the text.

You can change the text case to (1) sentences case, (2) lowercase, (3) uppercase, (4) title case, and (5) toggle case.

You can change the text case to (1) sentences case, (2) lowercase, (3) uppercase, (4) title case, and (5) toggle case.

Coreldraw Upper Case

To change text case

1 Select the text you want to change with the Text tool.

2 Click Text, Change Case.

3 Enable one of the following text case buttons:

• Sentence Case — capitalizes the initial letter of the first word in each sentence

• Lowercase — makes all text small letters

• Uppercase — capitalizes all letters

• Title Case — capitalizes the initial letter of each word

• Toggle Case — reverses the case; all capital letters become lowercase and all lowercase letters become uppercase

To make text small caps

1 Select the text.

2 Click Text, Format Text.

3 Click the Font tab.

4 Choose Small Caps from the Uppercase list box.

Specifying text spacing

By changing the spacing of Artistic text and Paragraph text, you can enhance the text and make it more readable. You can change the spacing between characters, words, and lines. When you space characters manually, you can change default settings to display or hide character outlines. You can also align Artistic text horizontally.

You can change the space between all characters, all words, or characters and words proportionately. You can also kern specific characters. Kerning balances the optical space with other letters in a word or line. Kerning differs from spacing in that it affects only the white space between the specified characters.

Changing the line spacing for Artistic text applies the spacing to lines of text with a carriage return between them. For Paragraph text, the space applies to lines of text within the same paragraph. You can also change the spacing before and after paragraphs for Artistic text and Paragraph text.

Setting a value for character outlines determines whether CorelDRAW shows the outlines of characters you're spacing manually. If the number of characters selected is less than or equal to the value you specify, CorelDRAW displays their outlines as you space them.

Aligning Artistic text is different from aligning Paragraph text. When you align Paragraph text, you align text with respect to the frame. For more information, see "Aligning Paragraph text horizontally" on page 367. However, when you align Artistic text, it is aligned with the point you first clicked when you entered the text. If characters have not been shifted horizontally, applying No Alignment produces the same result as applying Left Alignment.

• Options available for specifying text spacing depend on the tool you use to select the text. Selecting with the Text tool or the Pick tool lets you adjust spacing between characters, words, lines, and paragraphs. Selecting with the Text tool also lets you adjust kerning between a range of characters. Selecting with the Shape tool lets you specify horizontal and vertical spacing with precise values using the Property Bar.

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