Changing the active layer

To use a layer in the drawing — for example, to add objects to it — you must first make the layer active. Once active, a layer is ready to receive any new objects you draw, import, or paste onto it. In the Object Manager, the active layer appears highlighted in red. When you start a drawing, the default layer (Layer 1) is the active layer.

To change the active layer

• In the Object Manager Docker, click the name of the layer you want to

• You highlight a layer to change its basic settings so that you can view, print, or edit it. Note that highlighting a layer is different from activating it, which enables you to add objects to it in the drawing. For more information about layer settings, see "Setting layer properties" on page

The Master Page layer list in the Object Manager shows the order in which layers are stacked in the active drawing. The first layer in the list is the top layer; the last layer is the bottom layer.

To change a layer's position in the stacking order

• In the Layers list, drag the layer's name tag to the desired position. As you drag, a position line indicates the layer's current position.

• It is easiest to reorder layers in Layer Manager view. You can switch to

Layer Manager view by clicking the Layer Manager View button in the Object Manager.

• You can change the vertical order of layers in the drawing. When you do so, each layer's contents move to reflect changes in this order.

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