Changing the contents of the Status

You can customize the Status Bar to display the information you want, by adding and removing toolbar items.

To add toolbar items to the Status Bar

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the list of categories, double-click Customize, and click Toolbars.

3 In the Commands list, double-click the Status Bar folder.

4 Click the toolbar item you want to add to the Status Bar.

5 Drag the toolbar item icon to the Status Bar.

To remove toolbar items from the Status Bar

1 Follow steps 1 to 3 from the previous procedure.

2 Drag the toolbar item icon off the Status Bar.

• You can also access the Toolbars page by right-clicking the Status Bar and clicking Customize.

Customizing filters

Import/export filters are used to convert files from one format to another. You can customize filter settings by adding or removing filters so that only the filters you need are loaded.

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