Changing the number of Color Palette rows when docked

You can choose how many rows are displayed when a Color Palette is docked.

To change the number of Color Palette rows

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the list of categories, double-click Customize, and click Color Palette.

3 Enter the number of rows in the Maximum Palette Rows When Docked

You have complete control over the position and content of toolbars. Using the mouse, you can resize or move toolbars anywhere inside the work area, and choose which toolbars you want displayed in the Application Window. You can add, remove, and rearrange toolbar commands (except in the Toolbox). You can also create your own custom toolbars containing the commands you use most often.

In addition, you can change the appearance of toolbar buttons. You can choose to view text on the toolbar button in place of an image, edit the text that appears on the toolbar button, as well as edit the actual images.

You can move a toolbar anywhere on screen. Placing it inside the Application Window creates a floating toolbar with a Title Bar. Placing it on any of the four sides of the Application Window docks the toolbar, making it part of the window border.

You can also resize a floating toolbar, but not a docked toolbar.


Customizing toolbars

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