Changing the shape of an extrusions control object

You can change the shape of a vector extrusion's control object.

To change the shape of the control object of an extrusion

1 Open the Shape Edit Flyout, and click the Shape tool.

2 Select the control object.

3 Click and drag the object's nodes one at a time to change its shape.

When you release the mouse button, the extruded surfaces reshape to reflect your changes.

• You can't use the Shape tool to edit a control object in all cases. Perspective extrusions that have been rotated using the rotation tools on the Property Bar and extrusions that have been altered using the Add Perspective or Envelope effects can't be edited. You need to clear the effect before you shape the control object for these extrusions. For more information about shaping objects, see "Drawing and shaping objects" on page 85.

• You can use the controls in the Format Text dialog box to format the extruded text. Double-click the text nodes on the object using the Shape tool to access the dialog box.

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