Changing underline overscore and strikethrough line properties

You can change the thickness of underlines, overscores and strikethroughs. You can also change the distance between text and a line.

To change the thickness of a line

1 Select the text to which underline, overscore, or stikethrough formatting is applied.

2 Click Text, Format text.

3 Click the Font tab.

4 Click the Edit button next to the line type (Underline, Overscore, or Strikethrough).

5 Type a value in the Thickness box to specify the line width.

To change distance between the line and text

1 Follow steps 1 to 4 from the previous procedure.

2 Type a value in the Baseline Shift box.

3 Choose a unit value from the Units list box.

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  • robur
    How to change thiickness of underline in coral X4?
    9 years ago

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