Changing your view using the Zoom and Standard toolbars

You can display the Zoom toolbar so that you always have zoom controls available, regardless of what other tool you're using. The Zoom toolbar provides all the tools you need to get the view you want. These tools work the same way as their counterparts on the Property Bar and in the View Manager. For information about using these tools, see "Changing your view using the Property Bar" on page 72 and "Changing your view using the View Manager" on page 75.

You can jump to a preset magnification level in one step, or jump to a specific magnification level. If the value you type exceeds the maximum magnification level, CorelDRAW reverts to the maximum level. If you specify high magnification levels (for example, 100000 per cent), CorelDRAW displays the closest possible magnification level. You can also name and save the magnification level you specify, using the Standard toolbar. For more information, see "Saving user-defined zoom levels" on page 73.

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  • sandra
    What are the zoom toolbars in corel draw?
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