Choosing a color from a fixed color palette

Fixed color palettes are provided by third-party manufacturers and work best when accompanied by a color swatch book. It is recommended that you use Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer fixed color palettes if you will be creating information for these mediums. The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, Focoltone, TOYO COLOR FINDER, and DIC fixed color palettes are all spot colors. If you create color separations when you print, each color from these palettes requires a separate printing plate. This can significantly increase the cost of your print job. If you want to use these colors but you don't want to use spot colors, convert the spot colors to process colors when you print. For more information, see "Choosing General Color Settings" on page 332. You are able to drag colors from the fixed palettes to your custom palettes. The colors within a fixed palette cannot be altered.

To choose the uniform fill or outline color of an object

K I Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Do one of the following:

• Open the Fill Tool flyout, and click the Uniform Fill button to change the fill color.

• Open the Outline Tool flyout, and click the Outline Color Dialog button to change the outline color.

3 Click the Fixed Palettes tab.

4 Choose a palette from the Palette list box.

5 Click the color scroll bar to change the range of colors displayed in the color selection area on the left.

6 Do one of the following:

• Scroll the color scroll bar to the color swatch you want to select.

• Click on the name list box arrow and scroll down to the color name you want to select.

• Type in the color name in the name list box.

• Hold down the mouse button on a color swatch and select a color from the neighborhood color picker.

To hide or display the names of the colors

1 Follow steps 1 to 4 from the previous procedure.

2 Click the Options button, and enable or disable Show Color Names.

^ • If the selected color is within a fixed palette that supports tints, then change the tint by moving the tint slider or by typing a number in the Tint number box.

• The neighborhood color picker for Fixed Palettes shows the same color with different ink densities. The neighborhood color picker for Custom Palettes shows colors that is closest to the chosen color by Hue and Lightness.

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