Choosing a color from the Color Docker window

The Color Docker window can be docked to any edge of the Application Window or float as a separate window. You can also change the appearance and size of the Color Docker window. The Color Docker window allows you access other tools and windows while the Color Docker window remains open. The Color Docker window displays primarily the HSB Hue based color space. You can view the colors expressed as numerical values in other color spaces.

To choose a from the Color Docker window

1 Click Window, Dockers, Colors.

2 Select your object.

3 Do one of the following:

• Drag the small box in the color selection area to the color you want to use.

• Move the color slider up or down to change the range of colors displayed in the color selection area.

• Type numeric values in the color space spin boxes.

4 Do one of the following:

• Click the Fill button to select the color as the Fill color.

• Click the Outline button to select the color as the Outline color.

To view the color in another color space

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the previous procedure.

2 From the list box at the top of the Color Docker window select the color space you want to see the colors numerical expressed as.

^ • The color selection area displays the default HSB Hue based color space.

If you do choose Grayscale, you will see a different color space and the numerical value available is Lightness (L).

• You can see the Fill and Outline colors and their numeric values on the bottom of the Application window.

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