Choosing CorelDRAW startup options

3 From the On CorelDRAW! Start-up list box, choose one of the following options:

• Welcome Screen — opens the Welcome to CorelDRAW screen, which lets you start a new graphic, open the last drawing you edited, open a graphic, start a new graphic with the template of your choice, launch CorelTUTOR, launch nothing upon opening CorelDRAW, or preview new features

• Open An Existing Document — opens the Open Drawing dialog box

• Open the Last Edited Document — opens the most recent document edited in CorelDRAW

• Select A Template — opens the Template wizard

• Start CorelTUTOR — launches the CorelTUTOR

• Nothing — launches CorelDRAW with no Welcome screen and no document

• If you disable the Show This Welcome Screen At Startup check box on the Welcome to CorelDRAW screen, CorelDRAW remembers the option you chose, and it becomes the new startup option.

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