Choosing imposition layouts

The default imposition layout reflects the layout of the document you are printing. The layout you choose does not affect the original document, only the way it is printed. For example, if you have a four-page document set up as a full page in a Full Page layout, but would like to print it as a top-fold, or side-fold card, you can choose the appropriate card style and size in the Print dialog box.

When you use an imposition layout, if the total width, height, gutters and margins are larger than the space available on the page size, the document pages will normally be scaled down to fit. If you do not want document pages to be scaled down you can change the page size in printer properties, or you can choose to maintain document page size, in the Print Preview window. This causes the layout to be cropped at the edge of the signature, instead of scaling down the document pages. Preflight can also notify you if the document pages are being scaled to fit the layout. For more information on Preflight and Preflight settings see, "Using Preflight" on page 10.

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