Coloring bitmaps

Some bitmaps are imported in CorelDRAW as monochrome bitmaps. Monochrome means that the pixels have only two colors: black and white. You can change the appearance of bitmaps by changing the colors of pixels or by applying halftone screens to them.

You can hide or show colors in a bitmap. Hiding colors lets objects or backgrounds show through a bitmap. Hiding a color can also alter the bitmaps' shape. For example, if you have a bitmap with the image of a person on a black background, you can hide the background. As a result, the bitmap appears to take on just the shape of the person.

You can select colors and change the tolerance of the colors you select. If you increase the tolerance, CorelDRAW shows or hides a broader range of colors. For example, if you hide baby blue and increase the tolerance, CorelDRAW may also hide powder blue and navy blue.

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