Converting Artistic text to curves

You can convert Artistic text to curves to manipulate individual nodes to change the shape of characters.

To convert Artistic text to curves

1 Select the Artistic text with the Pick tool.

2 Click Arrange, Convert To Curves.

3 Open the Shape Edit Flyout, and click the Shape tool.

4 Shape the text.

• Convertingtexttocurvesensuresthattheappearanceofthefontsusedin your drawing are not compromised when another user views your file.

• After you convert Artistic text to curves, text commands are no longer available. The converted object will print as curves using your printer fonts.

• For more information about using the Shape tool to shape, modify, and delete nodes, see "Drawing and shaping objects" on page 85.

^ • You can also convert text to curves using the Convert To Curves button on the Property Bar.

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    How to convert artistic text to curves?
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