Converting bitmaps

Converting is the process of changing something from one form to another. There are two types of conversions that you might want to do on an image:

converting from a vector image to a bitmap and converting an image from one color mode to another.

When you convert a vector image to a bitmap, you can access and apply effects that were not available to vector images.

A color mode is a system that defines the number and kind of colors that make up a bitmap image. When you convert an image from one color mode to another, you can change the look of an image. You might also want to convert to a less memory-intensive color mode to decrease file size, for example converting to the Grayscale color mode.

You can select from Black and White (1-bit), Grayscale (8-bit), Duotone (8-bit), Paletted (8-bit), RGB color (24-bit), LAB color (24-bit) or CMYK color (32-bit) color modes. When converting a bitmap, the active color mode, the mode the image is currently using, appears dimmed.

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