Copying object properties

When you apply a fill or outline to an object, you can copy the same properties to another object.


2 Click Edit, Copy Properties From.

3 Enable one or more of the following check boxes:

• Outline Pen — copies outline pen attributes from one object to another

• Outline Color — copies outline color attributes from one object to another

• Fill — copies fill attributes from one object to another

• Text Properties — copies text attributes from one text object to another

4 Click OK. The cursor changes to a large arrow.

5 Click the object that contains the properties you want to copy.

You can use many basic editing functions to arrange objects in your drawing. You can manipulate objects by using the Clipboard to cut, copy, and paste them. The Clipboard is a temporary storage area used to transfer text and graphics between applications, as well as within or between CorelDRAW files.

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