Creating a Power Clip object

When you're creating PowerClip object, you may want to compare the container object to a window. Just as a window's frame represents the limits of what you can see, a container object lets you see only the portion of a contents object (or group of objects) that fits inside the container's boundaries. If the size of the contents object exceeds that of its container, CorelDRAW automatically crops the contents object. You see only the portion of the contents object that fits inside the container.

You'll find the PowerClip feature particularly useful for placing photo files (like bitmaps) inside containers of different shapes. You can create more complex PowerClip effects by placing a container object into another container object to produce a nested PowerClip object. Nested PowerClip objects can have up to five editable levels.

Additionally, you can copy the contents of a PowerClip object to another PowerClip object.

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